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Are you a video game lover and searching for a portable gaming system? Which will keep you engaged and entertained for hours; then, you can stop your search right here. 

Following are the top 10 best selling handheld video game consoles that our team has compiled for you. 

A recent report by Statista shows how Sony has always been leading the video game console market. Yet, with all the significant success with its home consoles, the company has yet to achieve the kind of dominance similar to handheld consoles.


Rest assured, we’ve done the research and compiled this list based on global sales figures, so you can trust its credibility. In this list, you can find something for every game enthusiast out there. 

Top 5 Handheld Video Game Consoles of All Time

The below consoles have truly captivated gamers worldwide with their exceptional and groundbreaking designs, vast and diverse game libraries, and an undeniable charm that continues to endure and resonate with gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Go ahead and get a peek!

1. Nintendo DS

Worldwide, Nintendo DS has 154 million units sold. This is one of the main reasons you have Nintendo topping this list. One of the best-selling handheld gaming consoles of all time.

This was launched in 2004  with two screens, touch controls, and a library of popular games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

It is the best option for casual gamers to hardcore video gaming fans. However, Nintendo isn’t only about gaming.

When it offers you a vast range of features that any video game must have, in the DS, you can discover a built-in microphone, and it also has a camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only that, it also offers you web browsing options. 

Nintendo DS is not only a versatile device. It is also best for socializing, and you can stay connected on the go. With a long-lasting battery and compact design, it can turn into anyone’s favorite video gaming console.

2. Game Boy & Game Boy Color 

Launched in the late 1980s,  the original GameBoy was followed by Game Boy Color in the early 1990s. Both games combined sold over 118 million units across the world.  

In this portable gaming device, you can find all the addictive games, and do not forget its iconic yet simple design. Because of its unique gaming experience, both GameBoy and GameBoy Color were able to bring this nostalgic factor into your life. 

Just because it was released in the late 80s doesn’t mean you didn’t have vast choices inside this gaming console library. These gaming consoles not only featured classic games like Tetris and Pokemon. 

But also Super Mario Land and The Legend of Zelda. Portable and with a long-lasting battery, it was every gamer’s choice. 

3. Game Boy Advance  

This one was launched in 2001, with over 81 million units across the globe. Game Boy Advance gained popularity amongst youngsters quickly due to its remarkable game library and smart design. 

The best part about this gaming console was its powerful processor and impressive graphics. GBA provided its users with an unforgettable and unbeatable experience. 

The GBA library offers you some of the most exciting games. Here you can play Metroid Fusion,  Super Mario World, and The Legend of Zelda. The GameBoy Advance was not only portable and arrived with a long-lasting battery. 

The built-in E-Reader helps you connect with other GBA consoles for a whole new level of gaming experience. 

4. Atari Lynx 

Launched in 1989, Atari Lynx sold over 3 million units. Its full-color screen and gaming library were filled with popular games like California Games and Blue Lightning, adaptations of arcade classics like Gauntlet, Rampage, and Paperboy.

Atari Lynx was the first ever portable gaming console that arrived with a color liquid-crystal display. It was powered by a 16 MHz 65C02 8-bit CPU and a custom 16-bit blitter. 

This gaming console arrived with interesting and inventive gameplay features. Gamers were also able to rotate the screen 90 degrees while playing certain games. Along with that, one can even connect 17 gaming consoles to play multiplayer games. 

5. N-Gage 

This one was launched in 2003, having made over 3 million sales across the globe. Not only that but with mobile-like features and capabilities and a gaming library filled with quite popular games, including Tomb Raider. 

Since N-Gage had all the phone features, gamers were able to use it to make phone calls, send messages and play games on this portable gaming device. Moving on to the design of N-Gage, it was unique in itself. 

It arrived with a screen introduced horizontally. There was also a keypad beside the screen to dial numbers while making calls. Back in the day, they attempted to make futuristic mobile gaming devices. 

However, it ended up getting criticized for such efforts. Later on, In 2005, Nokia decided to discontinue N-Gage because it was performing poorly in the market, and the sales went downhill. 

Still, no one can come close to the features that Nokia tried to introduce to its customers inside a handheld gaming console.

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Wrap Up On Best Selling Handheld Video Game Consoles

For decades handheld video game consoles provided kids as well as young adults a good source of entertainment. Kids had unlimited choices to take their pick from. These portable gaming devices will follow you everywhere, and their compact size makes them popular, as they are easy to carry and keep you engaged for hours.

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